Friday, February 14, 2014

Top 10 tips for Renting Used Golf Carts

A golf cart is a smart purchase for retirement communities, or for people who work on large plants or sites, such as building construction and landscaping projects and Golfers , As a golfer you have the option to walk the course or rent a golf cart. Most golfers prefer to rent a cart instead of carrying their heavy golf bag around the course. Golf carts will be a good choice that allows users to drive places that big vehicles cannot go. Buyers should learn the features and the tactics to evaluate a used golf carts.

Look out the following guidelines for operating the used golf carts properly:
1.) First search for a rental golf cart pro shop or club house and get a key.
2.) Locate your cart that has the same matching number on your key.
3.) Place your golf clubs and any other essentials in the back of the golf cart securely.
4.) Put the golf cart in the forward “F” position. The reverse “R” position is to go backwards and this will make a loud beeping noise. Note: Some carts “F”, “R” button will be under the seat or on the dash.
5.) Make sure the brake is locked before putting the key in. Put the key in the ignition and turn the key to the right until it is in the on position. The ignition is usually located below and to the right of the steering wheel. Note: You will not hear the golf carts engine come on, most golf carts are quiet.
6.) SLOWLY press down on the gas. It is important that you do not slam on the gas, because golf carts start out at their full acceleration and they will jerk you. After slowly pressing on the gas you will hear the break release and then gradually increase the gas.
7.) Drive with caution and watch out for turns, because golf carts are easy to lose control or flip over.
8.) To drive the cart in reverse, just switch the gear to “R” and slowly press on the gas.
9.) To stop the golf cart you will want to gradually press down on the brake until you hear it lock in place. It is CRITICAL that the brake is locked in place otherwise the golf cart will not remain parked.
10.) Take the key out when you are not operating the rental golf cart.

For more information about the difference of electric and gas used golf carts, refer the link below