Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Which is best to buy ? Electric or Gas used golf carts

After making decision of buying an used golf carts will make you to consider the merits and demerits.There are some benefits and drawbacks which will give you an clear idea in buying the golf carts.for the most part,Gas and electric used golf carts look the same.

Let us consider the positive points of electric and gas carts.gas carts is have a more power than their electric counterparts and therefore,do better if the golf course normally golf has landscape with lots of hills.gas carts are quite durable and cheaper than electric golf carts.

Gas golf cart

As we know in some states of U.S. like California ,gas golf carts are banned due to their more pollution than electric golf carts.you may not be able to purchase depending on location where you live.gas carts will tend to be noisy,but it depends on your buy.Older gas carts will be smelled fumes of the gas , but newer models will be performing better.

The electric carts are good for the environment,because it do not leak and are clean to run.but it has some lack as well,for instance it will not be good choice in hills because they lack the power and speed of gas carts.Instead electric golf carts perform well running on flat surfaces.Fact is that electric golf carts are more expensive,because of their new technology,which is a huge selling factor for dealers.

If the decision of yours in looking into used golf carts will be related to money.so the gas powered may be your best option.anyway if you choose gas or electric,always purchase from a reputable dealer.
Electric golf cart

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